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    Trailing a Bear : Adventures of Fred Bear and Bob Munger

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    Trailing A Bear - Adventures of Fred Bear and Bob Munger, exactly as it happened with Fred's favourite hunting partner Bob, in short story format, takes you to places bowhunters can only dream about, Polar Bears on the Ice Pack, Giant Water Buffalo in the Amazon.

    "Fred Bear has shared countless camp fires with many unique and enjoyable personalities. But there was no hesitation when he recalled his favourite hunting companion... It's Bob Munger. We've gone a lot of places, done a lot of things, been through some real tough hunts. Bob Munger and Fred Bear were always heroes of mine from the earliest days, attracting me to the mystical flight of the arrow via their spirited and warm personalities... Being able to embrace even a small portion of these gentlemen's human touch and woodsman spirit has made my life that much better." Ted Nugent, 1995.

    A good, easy read. 352 pages, in soft cover
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